Jakarta Biennale 2013 Mural Project engages seven artists who consistently work with graffiti, murals and street art to respond a particular narrative of the site. Each participant has ability to interact with the space and its entourage.

This project intends to produce works of street art consist of stories about how citizens survive in one area. The artists respond to the struggle and tactic of people by identifying the site, environment, political issue and communities in the area. Each work has strong relation with particular condition of each space.

Mural Project (Siasat Mural) attempts to offer knowledge for broader public about hidden narratives in one specific location. Through various elements ranging from literature, history to urban legends, the artists involved in this process are finding and collecting ideas, stories and values ​​of the site for the community.

Whole artworks are made during October 2013 in seven different sites in Jakarta. For the biennale, every artist employs grey scale and yellow as a color guide. This project will be launched on November 9th 2013.